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More often than not a song lacks that punch, energy and the overall 'professional' sound because of the timing or pitch issues originating from the recording stage. This is often overlooked, yielding less-than-expected results at the end of the mixing process. However, modern technology allows to fix or circumvent the vast majority of those issues, thus greatly enhancing to the quality of the final mix (master). Radiative Recods studio specializes in advanced audio editing techniques, gladly offereing a rescuing hand to problematic audio tracks (clips) before they even hit the mix engineer's speakers:

Track comping

$10 per single track

Making of a compilation track out of several similar or identical recordings of a performance. Applicable to almost any type of sound or instrument recording, whether it be a vocal track, percussion or solo guitar recording

Prerequisite: a multi-track containing a set of takes, all starting at the same point in time (having a common reference point).

Batch comping (3+ tracks)

$20 flat rate

Making a comp for a multi-mic'd drum kit, guitar stack or DI'ed + amp-mic'd bass guitar. This is usually necessary for the recordings that can not be processed individually because of phase concerns (i.e. containing considerable amount of common bleed signal)

Prerequisite: multi-tracks containing recordings with a common reference point. All multi-tracks have to have a common reference point among them. Contact us for more details.

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Lead vocal tuning

$25 per track

'Vocal is money' they say. Otherwise, why would every pop hit have that perfectly in-tune, polished vocal sound on it?

We use transparent Melodyne processing on vocal tracks to correct off notes and timing, thus bringing the performance to its fullest. This option includes treating a single vocal track from the start to the finish of the song.

Prerequisite: a single dedicated lead vocal comp track must be present in the multi-track.

Tuning back vocals and overdubs

$25 per time equivalent of song duration

Manual pitch and timing correction of vocal overdubs according to the lead vocal track. This process is also known as 'tightening' the vocal production, resulting in backing tracks that are perfectly in tune and timewise synchronized with the lead track.

Prerequisite: finished master vocal track required.

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Timing improvement

$15 per track

This type of editing is aimed at fixing the stuff that went 'off the grid' when this was not planned. Timing adjustment may be needed to fix a less-than-ideal drums or bass performance as well as the recording of virtually any other rhythmic or melodic instrument .

Prerequisite: a single dedicated comp track must be present with its BPM specified.

Overdubs sync

$10 per time equivalent of song duration

This option is similar to 'Tuning lead vocal and overdubs' option apart from that it doesn't involve any manipulations with tone or pitch of the recording. Manual or semi-automatic timing correction techniques may be used to sync a single overdub with the lead vocal or instrumental track with the desired precision level.

Prerequisite: a vocal or instrumental track with correct timing is required.

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