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Radiative Records is focused on mixing modern rock, metal, pop-rock & EDM music. We value you as our potential customer, this is why have input quality and genre control and free production / recording advice in case the submitted material does not meet our quality requirements. Minimum technical specs for audio files are as follows:

○ 16 bit depth at 44.1 kHz sampling rate .wav or .aiff files as a multitrack.

○ common reference point (preferably the onset) for all files in the multitrack.


We like to make it super easy & clear for our customers, this is why we have a flat rate for our mixing services. We charge on a per project basis with the default price of $300 per track if no editing is involved. 

If minor editing is required, our standard editing fees apply. If a track needs extensive editing, we will gladly offer you package deals on editing depending on your needs, however overall editing price of $75 may not be exceeded (otherwise the recording itself does not qualify for mixing). So, the cost of a single track is limited by $375 total for editing and mixing combined. Discounts apply for mixing projects that include 2+ tracks:

○ 3 tracks: 10% off

○ 4 to 6 tracks: 20% off

○ 7+ tracks: 30% off


Our standard $300 fee includes:

○ Core mixing: phase alignment, EQ'ing, compression, volume balancing of individual tracks.

○ Creative mixing with effects (reverberation, delays, saturation, parallel processing, etc) and other tricks.

○ Advanced and rigorous automation.

○ Stereo image formation.

○ Digital master of the song on top of the mix itself.

○ Delivery of high-resolution audio files via cloud hosting (Dropbox).

Two free revisions. This means that you get 3 different mixes for approval.

○ Archiving of your mixing project.

Plan & Execute

○ Turnaround time for a mixing project typically doesn't exceed 2 weeks from the day the order was made. Please check our Calendar for details.

○ We work with 50% deposit. For our engineers to start working on your material, we have to recieve upfront 50% of the total price stated in the invoice.

Are you ready to rock?

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